Morgan and Rob are some of our dearest friends and we are honored to have been a part of bringing their wedding day to life. Years ago, Morgan was moving to Raleigh from Richmond and looking for a roommate. I had a room open in our little post-college rental house and a friend of a friend suggested that we meet. 

Our first meeting was at a random Subway along the highway in Richmond as I was passing through on a trip to DC.  I still have no idea why we decided on Subway of all places, but I remember sitting there joking about how Morgan was receiving the "roommate rose" in our little version of the Bachelor and I never would have guessed how important this little moment would end up being in my life, as I'm now able to count Morgan as one of my closest friends. 

Morgan and Rob have dated since high school and I've always admired their commitment and loyalty to each other as they went on to different colleges and persevered through living long-distance after college as well. I got to know Rob through his trips to Raleigh to visit Morgan and I feel lucky to have witnessed their love continue to deepen over time.

I'll never forget the day Morgan called me to tell me she and Rob were engaged. I had found out hours before that Rob was planning on popping the question at his family's beach house in Atlantic Beach, NC. It was only after Morgan was well on her way to the beach that Rob clued me in. He claimed that I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut... and he was probably right.

When the phone rang, I eagerly picked it up and sweet, sweet Morgan decided to ask me how my day was going. "How are you?" "Tell me about your weekend?"... meanwhile I'm internally screaming for her to cut to the chase and tell me the reason I already knew she was calling for. When she finally shared the big news (!!!) I was squealing with excitement. Our other roommate Liz and I scrambled to put together a little celebration for her and Rob back in Raleigh to celebrate their engagement that very weekend.

Okay, now that you know the backstory of how important these two people are to us, we can tell you all the amazing details of their beautiful, heartfelt wedding day. 

Over the course of their relationship, Morgan and Rob have touched so many people and affected so many lives with their love. I wasn't surprised when Morgan shared that, with 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen, they had the largest wedding party we've worked with to date! 

Rob and Morgan had purchased their first home a few weeks before their wedding day and all the ladies were able to get ready at their cute new home. I know I'm biased as she is one of my best friends, but wow, doesn't Morgan make a beautiful bride?

There were so many heartfelt moments during Morgan and Rob's wedding day. They held their ceremony at Cannon Memorial Chapel on the University of Richmond campus... this also happen to be the same place that Rob's parents were married years before. 

Though it rained on their wedding day that just made for even more beautiful photos thanks to our friend Mackenzie Kern, their amazing photographer. How gorgeous are these portraits?! 

The couple chose a classic color palette of black, white and gold with gorgeous greenery tucked in. The reception at the Jepson Alumni Center was stunning! We particularly loved the black and white striped table runners (that the bride made herself) and their gorgeous white cake by Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe

Oh and the reception was an absolute blast. From Morgan's fun father/daughter dance to that time Rob did a backflip on the dance floor (WHAT?!), we have rarely seen such a fun crowd. The band, Affirmative Groove, got everyone moving on the dance floor. 

We are grateful that we have had the opportunity to witness Morgan and Rob's love over the last few years and we are especially honored that we could be a part of their wedding day. We can't wait for all of the memories these two will make as Mr. and Mrs!