Hiring a wedding planner isn't always on everyone's mind right away when planning their big day. Your budget and priorities can be pulled in all sorts of directions and putting together the details for your event can be one of those things that you really underestimate until you're knee-deep in addressing envelopes and figuring out the space layout and seating charts. All of a sudden you're struggling to meet deadlines at work, dinner isn't cooking itself, and you still think you can get in shape to look good in those honeymoon pictures.

Reality sinks in.

We know the struggle, and we wanted to give back to a couple out there that was balancing the difficulties of planning a wedding and all the complexities of day-to-day life but wasn't able to afford a planner. For our Spring contest, we wanted to read all the little details of what it was like during that moment you were asked (or were asking),

"Will you be mine forever?"

Some amazing couples shared their stories and you voted for the one that moved you most, and our winners with 218 votes are...

Amy Pinegar & Ben Cobb!

Congratulations to the both of you, we can't wait to help make your day special and stress-free! Thank you for everyone who participated, we loved hearing your amazing proposals! You can read Amy & Ben's story below:

"While spending the week of July 4th in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I had suspicions that Ben was going to ask me something pretty important... Ben had planned out a very detailed day in order to make promises to me regarding our future together. 
Our first stop was "on the mission field" trying to heal one of our Spanish-speaking patients (played by Stephen, Ben's brother). Basically, Ben wanted us to try to help this sick man just like we hope to do in our future of medical missions. Unfortunately for all of us, I speak very little Spanish. This was pretty funny because I had no idea what was going on! But in the end, Ben was able to make a very sweet promise to me. He promised to stand by me as we serve the Lord in any place on this earth. 
Next, we headed to the beach for an unforgettable lunch. Unfortunately, my body is unable to handle gluten. Ever since this change in my life, I have always feared traveling due to cross contamination. To counteract this fear of mine, Ben made six delicious meals from various countries around the world, including Jamaica, Haiti, Thailand, and so on. His promise to me was that he will support my gluten intolerance regardless of where we live. 
After this, we went to an arcade with lots of fun games and go-karts! Ben wanted to recreate our first date, which was at an arcade in Abilene, Texas. We spent some time acting silly and enjoying the "five year old" sides of us. Ben then promised that we will always be silly together, regardless of our ages. 
Our last stop of the day was at the beach. At this point, Ben wanted each of us to write a letter to one another describing what we believe marriage is and what we promise to God in our marriage. I was under the impression that we would be reading these letters to each other... But instead, Ben had this idea that we would sail these letters off into the ocean with the letters written on our hearts. Yet, that was pretty impossible considering the ocean waves flow toward the shore. So Ben proceeded to throw the little boat across the waves into the ocean! We had quite the laugh after this. 
We walked down the beach until I could see familiar faces coming into view. He had invited so many special people in our lives to be part of this wonderful day. Our families and many of our closest friends made the trip to North Carolina to play a part in our commitment to one another. Ben picked out several Bible verses that will be vital for our marriage. As we walked down the line of loved ones, our family and friends read verses to us before giving me a flower. I had an entire bouquet by the end! 
After many hugs and tears, the two of us walked a little further down the beach. Ben began to tell me the many reasons that he wanted me to be his wife. He began to speak encouragement and love over me as he always does. He then placed sand all over my feet, saying that life will get dirty and difficult at times. He began to lead me to the water and explain that he will choose to lead me to the Lord when life gets tough. So instead of cleaning my feet for me, he will lead me to God for cleansing because He is our ultimate strength. To represent this, he led me to the ocean waves so that my feet could be clean again. Ben recognized that we need to be there for one another, but it is the Lord who needs to be at the center of our marriage. 
Finally, the love of my life got down on one knee to ask me to be Mrs. Amy Cobb. And although many may describe me as indecisive, I never have made an easier decision in my entire life."