We got snowed in.

Last weekend we got stuck on the edge of the East Coast snow storm Jonas. You've heard it before:

People in the South don't know how to drive in snow!

Okay, well, yeah...you're kind of right. BUT! In our defense, we seem to get a lot of ice around here and I challenge anyone to go a mile with an inch of ice on the roads (just kidding don't do that please don't die). We knew that we were likely going to be cooped up all weekend (which we were totally okay with) so we made sure to prepare accordingly:


Food: check.

We made a little chili to get some warm meals with little effort and we also decided to make huevos rancheros for breakfast all weekend. We ate this almost our entire trip in Costa Rica last year and felt like some delicious nostalgia (look for an upcoming post on this!).

Internet: check.

While we do love to read (Alex is currently finishing up The Martian and Whitney is reading Boys in the Boat) we also love to binge on Netflex *ahem* I mean, answer work emails like we should be doing...

We've been trying to catch up on House of Cards right now before the new season comes out in March and we are pretty hooked. Therefore, we may or may not have made sacrifices to the snow gods to ensure we had power all weekend to feed our addictions/random internet browsing.

Booze: check.

Neither of us drink very much at all and we're both lightweights, maybe one drink every few nights or so. We do however love discovering new recipes of unique cocktails that expand our palettes beyond what we were used to in college (Burnett's and fruit punch from a dorm vending machine anyone?). After brunch with the family at Relish last week, Alex stumbled upon Shake in their gift shop. Shake offers beautifully presented cocktails and we felt that it needed to be added to the coffee table collection. This book is fantastic and definitely worth a look. Drinks are categorized by seasons so we picked a drink for our snowy day that they dubbed "The L Train" (the Brooklyn-bound line in NYC).


Well, since us Southerners don't drive as well as people do up North

(and public transportation just isn't an option here in Raleigh), we felt it necessary to make some slight modifications and call it whatever we want. With the road in front of our house (Michigan Avenue) covered in at least two inches of ice and snow, we witnessed more than one neighbor venturing out with a little too much confidence that ended up on right on their backs. We sipped our drinks by the window with slight amusement (no one was hurt) and coined our cocktail, the Michigan Slip.

We had some Hendrick's stocked in our bar which is our gin of choice but use whatever gin you please. We decided to substitute St-Germain with St. Elder since its about ten dollars cheaper and we found the seltzer in the mixer section of our local grocery store. If you can't find it, check your local specialty foods store (like World Market) or if its available to you, use real lavender in the shaker and regular seltzer, garnishing with more lavender. So we are pleased to present to you...



Two Servings



2 shots gin | We enjoy Hendrick's

1 shot St-Germain | St. Elder to sub.

1/2 shot fresh lemon juice

Lavender Seltzer to taste | We used Dry Sparkling



Add gin, St-Germain, lemon juice to a shaker with ice. Shake what yo mama gave ya.


Fill a glass with crushed ice. Pour desired amount of alcohol into two glasses.


Add desired amount of seltzer, stir. | suggested one-to-one ratio with alcohol